Tailor's N.Y. logo - fabric-covered busts and dummies Fabric-covered busts by... Hand-sewn fabric-covered busts and dummies From Italy – fashion accessories
  • Tailor's N.Y. fabric-covered busts, window display busts and dummies

If you want a bust
of well-defined personality...'re looking for...

  • Tailor's N.Y.: the brand

made in Italy
with artisan-style craftsmanship…

  • Fabric cut in various sizes and patterns for busts and mannequins
  • Machine sewing for the creation of busts
  • Hand-sewn fabric-covered busts
  • Manual assembly of Tailor's N.Y. busts

covered with any fabric...

  • A Tailor’s N.Y. bust form covered with black fabric
  • Two Tailor’s NY bust forms covered with a choice of fabrics
  • Three Tailor’s NY bust forms covered with different fabrics – also with faux leather
  • Four Tailor’s NY bust forms covered with different fabrics or paper

refined in its details...

  • Detail of our distinctive hand-sewn lateral stitch


  • White bust with a fabric-covered mannequin head
  • Detail of a customizable bust: logo on neck
  • Tailor’s N.Y. display dummies viewed from above
  • Details of customizable busts: logo on neck cap or pedestal

always different,
with lots of accessories...

  • Window display bust accessories: wooden, aluminium or fabric-covered caps – with or without knob
  • Window display bust accessories: wooden or fabric-covered neck caps and heads
  • Window display bust accessories: pedestals and bases for busts or mannequins
  • Window display bust accessories: anatomical arms, anatomical shoulder pads, shoulder covers

able to meet even
the most demanding requirements...

  • Window display bust covered with a decorated fabric very difficult to work with
  • Handcrafted fabric-covered bust forms and dummies

at all latitudes...

  • Packaging of our window display busts and accessories
  • Tailor’s N. Y. tape on cardboard
  • Cardboard box with postage stamps of different countries to symbolize worldwide shipments
  • Export of handcrafted busts, torsos and dummies made in Italy

...never dull, always original!

  • Tailor's N.Y. bust wearing a pearl necklace: stylish!

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Fabric-covered window display busts

Tailor's N.Y. is the original "made in Italy" trademark of handmade fabric-covered busts. At our company in Reggio Emilia we make male, female and child busts, torsos and mannequins together with accessories and bases.

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